How to Market an Online Home Based Business

If you have found the online opportunity that you have been looking for then the following should of great assistance to you in helping you to get started. If you are still looking for that opportunity, then I would suggest that you follow the URL provided to see an excellent online home based business opportunity.Online home based businesses have to know what type of marketing they will be concentrating upon if they wish to be at all successful. There are about 7 main types of online marketing but in this article I will only be concentrating on two, Natural Search and Paid Search. The others, Email opt in; Content, Comparison and Blogs will be the topics of future articles.Natural Search
This is where your site is featured prominently within Google’s search page under the free links (as opposed to those the advertiser has to pay for). This is also known as the ‘organic’ links in that they are a natural part of the web, having been displayed in Google because the Google (or any Search Engine) ‘bots’ have trawled the net and found your link because it was displayed or utilised elsewhere. This article itself is a part of a natural search strategy in that if it gets published, then it will eventually be picked up by the search engine bots and be ranked. Thus, in this case, the title contains the key words and they are also sprinkled around the article to ensure greater effectiveness.The more times you therefore place your name out on the net either by articles or blogs etc about your online home based business, the greater will be your eventual ranking. And remember that ranking is the key to this whole enterprise. The rule is: The greater the ranking the more prominent will be your pages, thus more people will see you and hopefully visit your home based business resulting in sales.The most important aspect of this is that Google especially requires that the you provide valuable content to those searching. It is all well and good to have presence on the web but if it doesn’t satisfy that criterion then you are wasting your time.Advantages of the Natural (Organic) Search method.· Low cost· Great for those who like writing· It is an excellent way to start building a foundation for your online business. The greater exposure you give yourself via this method, the greater the long term advantages.· It provides a method that will provide you with a long term income.Disadvantages· You will need to know some HTML as your landing pages may have to be altered to satisfy the campaign you have devised for your online business opportunity.· You need to enjoy writing and to be good at it.· You need to know the subject about which you are writing.· It is time expensive in that unlike an advertisement, you have to spend time preparing, writing and editing.· As it is a long time business building exercise, you will not receive an immediate cash flow.Paid Search
Paid search for your online business refers explicitly to advertising you have paid for. You create an account with Google, Yahoo (or Bing when it arrives), set up an advertising strategy and place your ads. All you need for this is a credit card.Advantages of the Paid Search method· It doesn’t take a lot of your time in the actual making of the advertisement.· You don’t have to build a list as you do with email opt in.· It’s great if you like working with figures and statistics as Google for one gives you heaps of stats whenever you request them about each ad in the form of a comma separated file.· It’s easy to begin.Disadvantages of the Paid Search method· The cost can be prohibitive, especially in high volume markets such as work at home, finance and health.· You will have to do a lot of research into keywords and I would suggest learning how to do this from the experts· You will have to set up some form of tracking of the ads themselves either via a spreadsheet or a database. I for one have created my own Access database where I import the spreadsheet from Google and have the data available for detailed searching and analysis from there.· You will have to create your own landing page (knowledge of HTML) so that you don’t ‘Direct Link’ to the merchant’s site. Direct Linking is hard to do as Google places restrictions on the number of direct links to a merchant it will allow. This therefore makes direct linking hard to utilise and thus hard to make a profit from.· And from the last point, you will have to beware of the ‘Google Slap’ and plan accordingly.Therefore, to utilise your online home based business opportunity you must know how to market it. Personally I utilise both these methods and others as I believe (and have personally demonstrated) that these are among the best ways of creating a ‘presence’ on the net for your business success. I hope that this small précis of two of the methods has been of assistance to you.

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